Decrease Layout Stretch Fails

• Sep 12, 2020 - 19:18

So far it worked fine to get a measure back into the line like it is in a printed score.
However, this time it fails to do so. It even crashed MuseScore twice.
Does MuseScore create crash logs and if so, where?
Thanks for helping.

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I'm guessing you want mm15-18 on a system. If there are too many notes you will never get reduce stretch to work. There are two main options at this point. You can open Format->Page settings... and lower the scaling. The other option I sometimes use is select all of the measures, open the inspector (press F9) and click the Notes button. I then reduce the Leading Space field to something like -.20 or -.30 at the most. If it's much more than this it will make the notes overlap and you should lower the scaling.

As for the crash, I didn't have that problem so you'll have to figure out to recreate it reliably and post instructions.

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Before resorting to Format>Page Setup>Scaling I use Format>Style>Measures and slightly lower the value of Minimum note distance nor Spacing ratio.

That allows me to increase the closeness of notes side by side without scaling their overall size. There are many more settings in Format>Style>Measures that manage horizontal spacing, such as the distance between the bar line and the subsequent note, or the last note of a bar and the subsequent carline ...

I assume you're referring to m15-m18?
For me, MuseScore doesn't crash on reducing stretch there, but there is indeed too much content within the current style constraints to compress them enough to fit onto a single system.

Consider slightly reducing the scaling on the full score (Layout → Page Settings) instead.

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