BEFORE the beat grace notes and arpeggios

• Aug 11, 2018 - 01:37

In most music, grace notes are played so the primary note (the bigger one) lands on the beat. MuseScore makes it so the first grace note or acciaccatura is played on the beat, leaving the primary note delayed. This is the same situation with arpeggios, as if the arpeggio is going up, the bottom note is played on the beat, when it really should be the top, (and vice versa). Arpeggios also have the issue of their spreading of the notes out in playback, being affected by either the tempo, or the note value they perform on, (a similar thing occurs with trills)

I am requesting:

  1. The arpeggios' incorrect spacing to be made consistent as one quick roll, despite the note value (or the option to chose the speed of the roll) (if this could be implemented with trills, that would also be wonderful, as the time stretch option can sometimes not be what is desired)

  2. The OPTION to choose whether grace notes and acciaccaturas land on the beat, or before the beat. It would also be great, if a line was implemented, to display that a grace note would land on a specific beat. (I understand this is technically already possible by dragging a slide, and altering it until it's the right shape, but a designated line would be much easier)

I hope my request is considered!


It's not really true to say "most" music places the main note on the beat - interpretation depends on the era/style of the piece, the instrument, and the performer, and in some contexts it's very normal for the grace note to be on the beat. Anyhow, yes, an option to place grace notes before the beat has been requested before, hopefully it will be added someday. Similar for other ornaments. But playback features generally take a backseat in priority to notation.

Not sure what you mean about the line, is this a standard notation? If so there is probably a symbol for it in the Symbols palette. If you don't find it there, could you post an example from a published score?

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Ah. Just add a regular line from the palette, then - no need to add a curved one then try to flatten it. You can also try the little-known "Note Anchored Line". It's so little-known it is practically untested, but does basically work. Select the two notes you want to attach it to, Add / Lines / Note Anchored Line. You will just need to adjust the position downward by 5sp, because it obeys the same layout rule as ordinary lines that are set to display 5sp above the staff. But then it will be attached correctly and already sized / angled decently

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Understood. It's not that playback isn't considered at all, and as the notation feature get closer and closer to matching or in some cases exceeding Finale/Sibelius (although now there's Dorico...), relatively more attention does get placed on playback. So it's not unlikely that this will be addressed at some point.

I found a way to make an arpeggio precede a beat without too much effort. I wanted to quickly roll a four-note chord in the left hand, end on the beat, and hold it. I put the four-note chord in voice one and created another four-note chord in voice 3 that sounds just a bit earlier, due to preceeding rests. I deleted all the extraneous voice 3 rests in the measure. Added a regular arpeggio to the voice 3 chord, tied that chord to the voice 1 chord and made the voice 3 chord and its tie arcs invisible. Finally, I added an arpeggio to the voice 1 chord and used inspector to uncheck "play" for that visible arpeggio. I got my desired playback and the page still prints normally. I used voice 3, instead of 2, to avoid upsetting the stem directions for voice 1.

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