Snap pizzicato above doesn't work

• Sep 5, 2020 - 22:44

I have a violin piece from "Liszt - Tasso, Lamento e Trionfo" with snap pizzicatos, but they don't sound any different than the regular note. I'm using a full score from IMSLP as my dynamics template and substituting staccatos as a workaround. Is there something I'm missing, or are they really not working? If they aren't working, is there a better choice than staccato I can use instead? Thanks! <3

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Thanks, Marc. It doesn't playback and didn't export to MP3 either. However, staff text pizz. plays back in MuseScore and exports to MP3 beautifully! There's always more to do to make the system better, but I am so grateful for what we have today. I'm also glad we found a workaround for this little thing. <3

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Maybe I don't know the sound I'm looking for, but it sounds like bowed strings, not plucked strings. Sometimes I use the louré to get a slight sound break between notes for definition. I'm thinking plucked strings should be shorter and maybe have a slightly different sound. Are you able to get it to work for you, Jojo? <3

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It does make the pizzicato work. The staccato does sound already and other articulations are not used, not in that score, nor in that image.
OP talked about snap pizzicato, which in the articulations palette and indeed does not sou´nd, but neither the image asks for not the score uses it

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Jojo—This is from Volume 2 of 14 of The Art of Music: A Comprehensive Library of Information for Music Lovers and Musicians by Daniel Gregory Mason 1915. Distributed Proofreaders is converting the series into ebooks which will be uploaded to Project Gutenberg as each volume is completed.

The author is discussing Liszt and has placed snippets of music in the text. He often uses a piano score and indicates other instruments, probably because it's a simple way to reference the piece. I'm on the music team. I do my best to create sound files for the books using references in the text. The image says cello and strings. I found the section in the full score on IMSLP and created the png for the book with accompanying sound file by duplicating the muted piano score and hiding all the other instruments. I also check it against recordings to make sure I'm picking up all the unwritten nuances of performance. The end reader will see what the author wrote, but also hear the music played referencing the best of contemporary performances. <3

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@Jojo—I don't believe the author intended a piano was to be played. I believe he only scored it as piano as a way of condensing all the parts for the book. I have to reproduce the exact visual for the ebook, but I do my best to reproduce the sound of the symphony score in the sound files. The hidden score is violin, viola, cello, and contrabass. <3

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I never considered it piano music. It was always strings. Only the strings sound in the MP3 file. But for the book, I have to exactly reproduce the image as a png. Piano is the fastest way to recreate the visual. In this case, the piano was also muted for the MP3. We would have to take the cover off the piano to get a pizz. there. I'm not sure MuseScore has a way to reproduce a plucked piano yet. <3

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I'm scoring five strings. They won't fit on two staffs. For me, the easiest way is to create and mute the piano, then score each of the strings separately. If I only had two instruments and each was on a different staff, in the past, I have scored just the two instruments. <3

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Interesting. Where do you find Streichinstruments? And how do you tell the difference between the violin sounds? They aren't all just a violin sound up and down the scale. Each size instrument has a different timbre. Listen to the difference between your sample and my finished piece. Tempo is 160 BPM.

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Ah, Jojo! I learned something new today. Wizard honors, sir. Wizard honors.

My instruments selection had been set to Common Instruments, not all instruments. In English, it's just called Strings.

However, when I listen to your strings and my individual instruments, I like mine better. Artist preference. But now that I know there is another option, I certainly will consider it in the future! <3

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