Smaller fonts for chord extensions

• Sep 6, 2020 - 13:37

Is there a way of writing chord extensions in a smaller font? If not, would it be possible for Musescore to enable that? I've just written in a EbMaj7#9#11 and it takes up nearly the whole bar


In reply to by Bill Eborn

Indeed, the handbook says:

• Diminished: dim, ° (entered with lowercase letter o, shows as ° if using the Jazz style, as o otherwise)

• Half-diminished: ø (type 0, zero).

The latter works great!

I'm perplexed that diminished (via o) requires MuseScores jazz style. I'd want chord symbols to render consistently whether I use the Jazz Style or not.

If you're using one of the Jazz templates or the Jazz chord symbol style, you get superscription automatically. But you can also use Format / Style / Chord Symbols to customize the size and height of extensions and other modifiers in both the Jazz and Standard styles.

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