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• Aug 15, 2020 - 18:21

What's the point in having both input and output devices shown in the Preferences | I/O tab, when the MME audio system is selected?
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Forgot to mention: Windows 10 Home. This is what Reaper reports as input MME devices on my system:
and these are the output MME devices:

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PortAudio is quite simple, in my opinion. You can use it to write non-audio related programs that need to output audio without too much hassle. Professional audio softwares are most demanding in terms of flexibility; unfortunately the 2 alternatives are Juce (but it doesn't support MME AFAIK, and it's a full framework that would not co-exist with Qt in the same application) or roll your own.

All major pro-audio software use the 2nd choice; a few are made with Juce, for example Tracktion (Juce was born for Tracktion).

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I hope I was clear, my two cent's were, I could imagine that developers implement a maybe better or more professional another free audio I/O library in future (I myself am not a developer ;-), if it's possible and matches with the general public license, but IMHO it's most important, that it works cross-platforming.

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