Possible to choose which staff lyrics are shown below?

• Aug 25, 2020 - 23:15

In the song I'm transcribing for solo piano (attached), the vocal part covers a wide range, so some of the lyrics are represented on the treble staff, and some on the bass. I'd like to have all of the lyrics presented below one or the other, doesn't matter which. Is that possible?


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But this does come up often enough we should probably find a direct solution somehow. It's kind of like cross-staff notation but for lyrics., that might be a clue as to how it could be implemented.

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The work around is very simple but allowing all lyrics on a grand staff to be under one staff would be helpful in cases like this. BTW, to make this super simple, I clicked the first lyric then shift+clicked the last lyric I wanted to move so they were all selected at once. This was a good idea Marc.

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You mean the click / shift+click to select similar in range? Yes! I can't claim credit for the idea itself - it's been suggested dozens of times. But it was one of those things no we kind of brushed off. Finally when working on some other aspect of selection recently it clicked in my head that it was something easily doable and worth doing. I'll bet I've used it a hundred times now.

Anyhow, the workaround for lyrics alignment here is kind easy indeed, but it does require manual adjustment that ends up being "fragile" and fails if staff distance changes. So figuring out a way to handle this directly would be definitely be good.

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As Marc suggested, I kept all of the lyrics selected and used the y offset in the inspector to line them up with the other lyrics.

By the way. I did put the "by" in Ba-by into voice 1 so it would follow all the other lyrics under the bass. You can select a rest, press ctrl+L to apply a lyric to that rest. You can't enter lryics on the rest by entering a lyric on the previous note or rest since the spacebar skips rests. MuseScore even adjusted the dash after "Ba-" automatically.

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A-ha, now I get it. Didn't realize the inspector was involved so had no idea what you were talking about with y offsets, etc. Haven't spent much time with the inspector but guess I should get accustomed to it.

This is an okay workaround, but if you make changes and measures get moved to a different line it sometimes needs to be redone. Learned that one the hard way. Also I wonder if future changes to the program could affect the layout and recreate the problem.

Thanks for all the help. My masterpiece is dedicated to you both.

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