Line distance in Staff Properties

• Aug 18, 2020 - 12:16

I am rather new to Musescore and try to find my way in all the settings.
One thing that I stumbled upon is this Line Distance settings (when I was checking how things will look like).
I changed this setting from 1.00 to 1.10, so far so good, until there are noteheads with a 3 or more of the small "extra" lines ("hulplijntjes" in Dutch) in between two systems, then the placement of the heads is gradually getting worse!
In the handbook is written: "The distance between two staff lines, measured in spaces (abbr.: sp.). Note: It is not recommended to change this value from the default shown. If you need to make the staff larger or smaller, use the Page Settings dialog instead."
I can see now why this is not recommended, but now I wonder: why is this setting there, what is the purpose of it?
Example 1 is wrong (Line distance 1.10), example 2 is right.

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Ah thanks, yes now that you mention it...
A few (ar actually 12) years ago I used Sibelius v4, and the scores I made with that have a different look, a bit "thinner" so to speak, I was trying to imitate that.
But still the question also remains what purpose has a setting that is not recommended to change, and which in effect can screw things up!

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It has a couple of different purposes - one to create more widely spaced staves for tablature or 3-line percussion, also for various experimental notation styles. But indeed, not a setting that should normally ever be used for standard 5-line staves using conventional music notation.

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