• Jan 20, 2013 - 20:24

The trill ornamentation does not work.


By "does not work", I assume you mean, the playback facility doesn't play them [Edit: our posts crossed; I see this indeed what you mean].

True. But they work in the sense that you can create the notation, which is, after all, the primary purpose of MuseScore. Keep in mind, playback is very much secondary in importance - it's mostly just to give you a general idea of how things sound, not to produce perfect performances.

But FWIW, playback is slowly improving, and 2.0 will include more support for ornaments like trills.

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No need to disable "show invisible" - that affects only on screen display within MuseScore. uses somethi g more like the rendered PDF.

Another trick to get playback of such things should you need it is via extra staves used just for playback. You can then set up up the "regular" score to be a "part" consisting of all but the the playback-only staves, and extract it for printing.

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This technique allows you to execute the ornaments without the use of additional votes is actually a "game" (he taught me) of the deceased Jall2 a French musescoriste. That approach is to show not only the power of MuseScore in "musical typography" but also all the possibilities available to those who always ask for more offered by the relevance of its programming.
Jall2 old musician was a publisher / printer having specialized in French writing scores using modern machines since the late 60s. He practically tried and tested virtually all machines and programs created for this ... and was never really satisfied with their results. He considered MuseScore (which he discovered and used since version 0.9.3) as an editor finally on the path to success.

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