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• Jul 19, 2020 - 12:19

Hi just installed update to release candidate

when playing the melody line single note its playing a chord behind, how to i turn this off.
i have been thro settings preferences etc?


Two ways

  • mute the chord symbols channel in mixer
  • disable the play property of them in inspector (on one, then set as style)

The 3rd way via preferences, as available in 3.5 Beta, had been removed for RC and the 4th way, via score settings, did not yet made it into RC, and, if at all, might make it into 3.5.1, see #302714: Chord symbol playback: make global settings available in Edit Style dialog.

Yet another way, disabling it for existing pre 3.5 scores, is still being discussed, see https://musescore.org/en/node/307961

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It looks like you have to select every chord in each bar/measure for each insdtrument, ouch sometimes 20 instruments and many chords in the bar, X by 200 compositions serious headach.

Without sounding rude, why is this even there, it was perfect before,

One option is to remove the chord symbols for each instrument, but i always have chord symbols above, for horns bass etc it shows how each note relates to the harmony chords,

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As mentioned, the set as style buttion is the key here - it is what enables you to take a setting form one element and automatically apply it to all others. So this takes just seconds.

As for why the feature is there, it is because countless users have begged for it over the years. It's something many people have waited a long time for and are really looking forward to.

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Thanks for this.

I had the same problem and solved it with the info you provided.

Easy enough, when you know how. Not my idea of intuitive. I could see the idea of selecting one chord and setting a new style after unchecking Play. The button for the style is an S ... lurking there as if it wasn't important.

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For the record, though, this button is not new, it’s been the standard way of making style changes to scores ever since 3.0 first came out. For instance, changing a font or position of chord symbols globally, etc. - these are all done via the style button in the Inspector. But indeed, probably a better icon could have been chosen back when this was all implemented a few years back. The Inspector is being redesigned pretty completely for MuseScore 4, FWIW.

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An issue is that originally there were too many places to control playback of chord symbols, leading to cases where the same score would playback differently for different people depending on these settings. So we deliberately simplified things to make sure the only options were per-score, to guarantee playback is the same for everyone for the same score. The other playback-related toolbar toggles are hooked up to program preferences, and that might be confusing. But other than that, it could certainly be OK. And certainly the redesign of all the playback-related UI for MuseScore 4 could consider things like this.

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Also a possible good solution. The advantage with a toolbar button I sea, I can easily switch between turning of and on the chord symbols playback. For example to play around with the harmonization/chord progression meanwhile hear how it sounds, but in result to notate the chord pattern myself.

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  1. In your score, right-click on just one chord symbol
  2. In the pull-down box that appears, choose "Select," then "All Similar Elements"
  3. Then go to to the "View" pull-down menu that is on the Musescore top menu
  4. Click on "Inspector" (which is the third listed item)
  5. In the Inspector panel that appears, uncheck the "Play" box under the Chord Symbol section.
    (Now the chords will not be audible. Remember to reverse the above and re-click the box so that you can hear the chords again when you wish!)

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@Julia McKenzie... You wrote:
4. Click on "View" (which is the third listed item)
You should edit it to read:
4. Click on "Inspector" (which is the third listed item)

Your 5 steps do work, however...
The best way is still found here:
especially this part:

This is what I did:

  1. Click the first chord symbol in the score. (highlights the chord symbol)
  2. Select 'View' (top left). Tick 'Inspector' from the drop down.

    A screen opens up with 'Element', 'Text' and 'Chord Symbol'. (on the right)

  3. Open up the 'Chord Symbol' drop down.

  4. Uncheck the box that says 'Play'.

To the right of that is like a cross inside a curly arrow. Ignore that. Then an 'S'. Hover over that and it says 'Set as style'

  1. Click this 'S'

And that stopped all the chords from playing (for me anyway).

I'm not a huge fan of this feature, but I can see the appeal. Thanks for the tips in this thread on how to mute playback. But I have another issue with this that I'm having trouble figuring out.

I frequently export parts as MIDI files to load into Logic, and I'm finding now that these chords are coming along for the ride, making the MIDI files utterly useless! Having to go through and manually delete the chord notes in Logic is not feasible. Turning off playback with the suggestions above is not stopping the chords from showing up in the MIDI export.

Is there an option to exclude the chords from the MIDI export? And why are they even in there? This does NOT seem to me like a feature anyone would want, even if they do want chord playback in the editor.

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I did find a workaround I can use until this is fixed (as I definitely do see it as a bug): if I open the exported MIDI file back up in MuseScore, it has the actual instrument line and the chords (as piano) as separate instruments. I can delete the piano instrument part, and then re-export what's left as a new MIDI file.

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Hi Paul! To clarify, the play checkbox in the Inspector affects only the selected chord(s). But then you can click the Set as style ("S" icon) and it applies to all chord symbols in that score.

The chord playback is already disabled for older scores. if you'd like to disable it for new scores to by default, go to Edit / Preferences / Advanced and check "score/harmony/play/disableNew". Then you would be able to enable it for a given score using the Inspector in the same way you currently disable it.

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