Trying to learn Musescore, one question

• Jul 10, 2020 - 03:50

I am working on learning how to play the piano. There is one measure I can easily play with my left hand on my piano that I am having a hard time reproducing in Musescore.

Index finger strikes F-sharp on the "and" before beat 1
Thumb strikes G with the thumb on the first beat
Thumb remains down and the pinky strikes G one octave down on beat 2
Thumb and pink remain down on the Gs through beat 3
Pinky remains down on the G and the thumb lifts up and strikes G again on beat 4


One way to write it, which will require the use of Voices, is to let the "G" be represented by a dotted half-note while the other notes are added around it. But, I have also commonly seen this notated using tied quarter notes. The thumb part is three consecutive quarter-note "G's," tied. The pinky-part is two tied notes. The final thumb quarter-note on beat four isn't tied. (And, to make this very clear, the third note might be shown as an eighth followed by an eighth rest. This notation makes it very clear what is happening on each beat. (The first event occurs in the preceding measure or a pickup-measure.)

This may or may not sound exactly as you want it to on playback, but a human musician should understand it.

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