Incredibly annoying bug(or feature) from 1.3 days still there

• May 14, 2014 - 10:07

Hi, there was one thing that I never understood in 1.3 and it bugs me in the 3543170 running on ubuntu 14.04.

Best described like this:

1.: In any score I tested, select an empty bar with a whole rest in it
2.: press 5 to make to quarter and one half rest
3.: select the first quarter rest and press 7 to turn it in a whole rest again

--- > the whole rest stays at the beginning of the bar, which has annoyed musicians and for me doesn't make sense layout wise.

Selecting the bar and pressing del resets the rest and centers it in the middle of the bar.

What do you think, am I the only one annoyed by this?


As mentioned above, whole rests and full measure rests are two different things. And sometimes true whole rests *are* what you want. So it is up to you to tell MuseScore which type of rest you want. A true whole rest - the sort that always lasts exactly as long as a whole note and is aligned at the beginning of the measure if it occurs at the beginning of the measure - is created by entering a rest with a duration of "7". A "full measure rest" - the sort that lasts however long the measure lasts and is centered in the measure - is created by simply deleting the contents of the measure.

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There are problems with this if you are writing contrapuntal music in closed score format and need to indicate whole bar rests in voices other than one.

Certainly in 1.3 trying to enter them in Note entry mode enters them as a semibreve rest, and if you are in 3/4 then you end up with a crotchet rest overspill in the next bar.

Delete, of course, simply deletes any rests in voices other than 1, so cannot be used to centre the rest in the bar.

The following clip demonstrates this:

What we could do with is a way to actually specifically enter a whole bar rest in any voice.

The clip was entered in a recent compile (last Saturday) of MuseScore 2

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