Entering chords that cross a measure via MIDI does not tie entire chord

• Apr 29, 2015 - 17:58
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A piece I've been working on involves a lot of syncopation such that notes carry across a measure bar. For a single note this works great: if I'm on the last eighth note of the measure and enter a quarter note, MuseScore is happy to create two tied eighth notes.

But this doesn't work for chords: I only get one tied note and the other notes of the chord only on the right side of the bar, even if I enter the notes together via MIDI input. I understand how this happens, as it models manually entering one note, then adding more notes to the immediately previous one, but MuseScore should remember that the tie came from entering a note that spanned the bar and add the additional notes to both sides of the tie.


Better handling of chords tied across barlines would be nice indeed. But to be clear, in case you weren't aware: it is perfectly possible to do this. You just have to enter the tie afterwards. Enter the two chords separately, then select the first (outside of note input mode) and press the tie button.

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Reported version 2.1 3.4
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This is still an issue that a fix would be welcome for.

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I would also welcome a fix to this. The time I could save with a feature that preserves ties in chords would be immense! I struggled with this just a few nights ago before searching and finding this bug report. It seems intuitive that re-pitch would work equally well for tied chords, so I initially thought that I was doing something wrong.

Fingers crossed that this makes onto the priorities list!

Can you be more specific about what you are doing and what you are expecting? Are you trying to enter a chord tied across a barline by just entering the full duration and then relying on MuseScore to break it up for you? It's true this special way of entering ties across barlines doesn't work in MIDI input apparently, but the normal way of entering ties should - enter first chord, enter second duration, press tie button. Same way ties are entered that don't cross a barline. So there shouldn't that much difference in efficiency either way, unless I'm missing something. But indeed, it would nice to find a way to fix this at some point.