Using virtual Playing Orchestra

• May 28, 2020 - 20:30

I am new to using sound fonts. How do you change the sound in the middle of a phrase with Virtual Playing Orchestra, for example a sustained note tied to a staccato run. Do you have to change the instrument for every change in rhythm or dynamic?

Also since I only use standard orchestra instruments, how can I remove all those other sounds that appear in the mixer dropdown.



Are you saying that there is no staccato play back in a particular instrument? In any case, no you don't change anything. My experience with VPO is that there are so many problems using it in MuseScore that it isn't worth it. Many of the samples that make it up are the same ones used in the MuseScore General HQ font. VPO makes MuseScore take a longtime to boot as well as a long time to load into a score.
Removing instruments can't be done from within MuseScore. However, you can choose to not load them into the program when you first install the font.

I have VPO 2 in sfz format. It has staccato for 1st,2nd,solo and sections but it won't play in Zerberus. But you can run the midi out of Msc and trigger the articulations by mapping notes to the keystrokes on the interface of Sforzando. You set up a staff in Msc for keystrokes and then "hide staff." Make sure to trigger the articulation just before you want it.

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If you don't want all the VPO instruments, you can deleting the ones you don't want by using the synthesizer. In the Zerberus tab, select the instrument you don't want and hit the delete button. Do this for all the sounds you don't want and hit the Set as Default button when you are done. Again, I had no trouble with staccato.

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