A way to find out the location(path) of the current file

• May 1, 2014 - 19:11

Is there a way to find out the location of the currently loaded file in Ms?


In Windows, if you open the menu item: 'File' and go to 'Open Recent', the file name should be displayed in the drop down list, showing the paths of the recent files.


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Again, it would be better to discuss this topic in the tech preview forum.
I removed the full path of the file in "Open Recent" recently. The full path should be displayed in a tooltip if the system support tooltips in Menus (MacOSX doesn't)
I did it for several reasons. The menu was getting too large. Most users don't care about where the scores is saved. The development version has a "Scores" folder where the scores should be saved by default.

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I also took a look to what other apps are doing. Some of the "programmers" oriented apps I use, Qt Creator, Sublime text are using full paths. Notably Eclipse and XCode don't. "Consumers" apps like Adobe suite, PDF readers don't...
Maybe we could improve and use the relative path from the Scores folder for scores saved there and absolute paths for others...

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I like the relative path from Scores idea. My scores are mostly under Score, but in various subfolders. Right, I'm also opening scores from my (separate) 1.3 folders as well. I'll open a 1.3 file from one of my 1.3 folders, save it to one of my 2.0 subfolders, and now I have two identically-named entries in the Recent list and I don't know which is which. Full paths all the time was indeed overkill, but I do think we need to address this somehow.

BTW, the tooltips aren't working for me, either.

Also, some programs put full path in the window title. Some even provide an option to control this.

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