• May 26, 2020 - 05:26

Hello All,

I don't know if this feature is already possible. I coudn't find it ;)
A nice feature for me would be to store and edit Metadata of the Musescore files.

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Those are rather data than metadata though. I think here we're more like talking about Right-click > File properties > Details in Windows Explorer. I guess Mac Finder has something similar.
And like having those metadata mirror the ones from File > Score properties

Well, at least that's what I'd like to see ;-)

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JoJo-Schmitz do you mean being able to be outside the app, and being able to right-click to see the Score Properties (and see the same score properties), or are you thinking of some other (meta) data types that are different to what's in the scores properties? Personally, I would also love to be able to do this in Explorer/Finder - currently, opening multiple scores to find the one you want at the moment can be a bit painful. On Macs I think Apple provide a framework to do this relatively easily (not sure about Windows, but assume it's the same kind of concept there too).

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While the functionality can be exactly the same on different platforms, the implementation will have to be o/s dependent. Both Windows and OSX provide frameworks (in OSX you use 'ApplicationServices') to achieve the same thing though and you can at them easily enough in C++. A clever thing about the OSX right-click-info is that as well as doing a straight read and report of a MuseScore file's metadata, you can get fancy and have it do things like read the file and report how many bars, the key etc. etc. - bascially anything in the (XML) score file that is there. I believe Windows provides similar functionality.
Straight picking up data from a section of the MuseScore file is pretty easily implemented because you just read and report a specific tag in the MuseScore file - this would be great if you've got all sorts of partially completed scores lying around, but you don't want to have to open every one of them in MuseScore to see what's going on. I am very guilty of this!

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I don't think there's a platform-independent way do to this.

I've done this on the Windows side in the past, and I can do it for MuseScore. BTW, read-only access to the metadata is much easier than read/write, so if that's all that's being requested, we should limit it to that. Also, Windows does not support dynamic field names (i.e. field, names that are different for each file), so only the predefined metatags can be supported.

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I agree that read-only access to metadata in a right-click context menu would be perfectly fine.
I did a test in MS Word and the Explorer right-click Properties window does let you update the actual Word file without the file being open in Word - but read/write access to the properties of a MuseScore file (compared to read-only) really complicates the coding, and I'm not even sure it's a good idea to be modifying the MuseScore file outside the app anyway.

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