Break every X measures broken for anyone other than me?

• May 1, 2014 - 20:46

For me, when loading the plugin in 2.0, it looks like this and doesn't change on click:
It breaks the page as expected though (by default 4 bars, hardcoded), and I can in/decrease the amount of bars with shift + up/down. There is no visible indication.

There is another, possibly related issue though(in 2.0):

1.: Select a part of your score
2.: Open the "Break every X number of measures" plugin and press enter
3.: Select the same part again and reopen the plugin
4.: Now de/increase X and press enter

For me, this results in the generic key signatures(bflat, eflat, aflat in that case) being shown every 4 bars, where a linebreak used to be.

I am using MuseScore 3543170 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Posting this here because the issue tracker has no page for that particular plugin.

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