extend the new chord playback with auto-playback for each measure

• May 16, 2020 - 17:57

I often use a score as play-along track. Up to now I always used the plug-in "notesFromChordTexts". It has a very nice feature: it automatically adds the last chord for each measure without a chord.
So I get a sort of tick on each "1" of a measure, which is very helpful and makes the play-along more natural.
Maybe a flag could be provided somewhere allowing to provoke this auto chord-playback in the same way, if this feature is not wanted by everyone.


Like rather than "Until next Chord Symbol" a "Repeat on beat 1 until next chord symbol".
Additionally a "Follow Rhythm" (one chord per duration in the staff) and "Follow Time Signature" (on chord per beat, following metronom's logic)

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