Export Custom Workspaces?

• Sep 16, 2015 - 00:39

Now that I have spent a good amount of time creating some nice custom palettes in my custom workspace, I have searched for a way to back up my custom workspace; in case of system failure, hard drive crash, etc, the kind of thing that would force me to reinstall from scratch, I would not want to recreate these palettes (they took a substantial amount of time).

But I can't see a way to save the workspace externally. The Handbook says nothing about such an option, and it's certainly not in Edit | Workspaces.


Right click palette name, hit "Save palette", and save it as a .mpal file in your palettes folder.

That's how palettes are saved, but how are they accessed? Can you do anything with the attached file?

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Test_Palette.mpal 548 bytes

I created a new workspace and found the relevant file in:
Name of the file: XYZ.workspace
(MuseScore 2.0.2, Windows 7 Pro SP1)
You certainly can save this file und put it back after a crash.

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That's probably a result of windows localization. When I look for this folder in my windows explorer I have to look for "C:\Benutzer\..." as I'm using a German language windows. Only when I click in the address bar of windows explorer, "Benutzer" turns to "Users". But you can copy/paste the whole address in the address bar (with the appropriate user name) and thus navigate to the folder.

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