dual hairpins over whole notes

• May 16, 2020 - 10:05

Hi. Is there an easy way to produce and position opposing hairpins (cresc./decresc.) evenly under a whole note? (See attached.) I imagine you could choose another voice and insert invisible rests to anchor the start of both segments, but that's a lot of work, especially if you have a large multi-staved score with all parts doing the same thing. Is there an easier way?



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As far as I know, currently the hidden voice thing is the only way.
For many similar parts, consider doing it once, then copy-paste it over to the other staves and repitch where required.

Also discussed here https://musescore.org/en/node/290212

Question is, if this <> is ever (often) used in real life scores. I discussed it couple of days ago with some early music friends, and they told me, that is really rare, used only in some didactic works (never in music).

If you dont want to use hidden second voice, probably only option at the moment is to use tied half notes.

I belive, if developers would be interested, it wouldnt be problem implementing it.

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I think hairpins are very rarely seen in early music and indeed dynamics are used very sparingly compared to more recent practice. The romantics are quite fond of up and down hairpins on held single notes. Maybe your early music friends are looking in the wrong places ;-)

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May be true. I had in my mind, I saw it, when transcribing something, but couldn find example. I thought, it was early music. I asked especially for early music (and interpretation practise "messa di voce" which is in fact <>).

Can You share with me some example of score with this? Tanks.

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I did a quick scan of some of the pdf music I have to hand (a very unrepresentative sample) and found the following examples:

  1. Smetana Ma Vlast (Vltava), 1st clarinet part.


  2. Franck Les Eolides (full score)

    Swell 2.jpg

  3. Niels Gade Symphony No. 4, 1st clarinet part. (The engraver seems to have had some layout problems here - should have used Musescore!)

    Swell 3.jpg

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I would personnaly wote for new type of hairpin "<>".
It seems to me to be easiest way to implement it. But not sure, if this is something, developers are interested in.
And also I dont know, if would be easy to impleent playback (for me personaly playback is quite unimportatnt).

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