MuseScore for Choir

Diverse templates

Open and closed SATB scores, unmetered liturgical, solo voice, any of the above plus piano or organ—even barbershop quartet.

Choir models at MuseScore New Score Assistant

Smart lyrics

Unlimited verses, with notes and staves automatically spaced, and verse numbers automatically aligned.

2-zeilige SATB Partitur mit Liedtext in MuseScore

Voice leading checker

Download the Check Harmony Rules proofreading plugin to check for errors in your part writing, according to standard rules.

"Check Harmony Rules" plugin execution results in MuseScore

Part mixer

Mute, solo, or change volume of staves to learn individual lines—settings even apply to MP3 export.

Soloing a part and muting other voices using the MuseScore Mixer

And more…

  • Powerful lyrics copy and paste tools
  • Implode/explode: combine up to 4 voices on one staff, then separate to individual staves
  • Hide empty vocal staves, such as in a piano intro
  • Figured bass for historical notation
  • Note entry via mouse, keyboard, or MIDI (including real-time)
  • Continuous View displays score as endless ribbon, with no layout breaks
  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface
  • Import from other music notation software via MusicXML
  • Share music online with
  • Rehearse on the go with MuseScore mobile apps
  • Full-featured desktop software free for Mac, Windows, and Linux