MuseScore 3.0 Beta Update Release (December 14, 2018)

• Dec 14, 2018 - 18:07

Today we are pleased to announce the release of MuseScore 3 Beta Update (December 14, 2018). Users have continued providing valuable feedback, and we have continued our torrid pace of fixing bugs with over 70 issues resolved in the past 7 days since the previous update! This release also brings some significant improvements to the automatic placement algorithms that should greatly reduce the number of times you need to override its decisions.

Download MuseScore 3.0 Beta Update (December 14, 2018)



  • Significant autoplace improvements to follow standard engraving practice
  • Further improvements in import of scores from MuseScore 2
  • Better support for AZERTY keyboards


  • Many crashes fixed, especially for macOS
  • Fixes for "Save online"
  • Fixes for playback tempo issues
  • Fixes for playback and audio export of parts
  • Fixes for linked parts and staves
  • Fixes for page layout
  • Fixes for text editing
  • Fixes for layout of slurs, pedal, hairpins, and other elements
  • Fixes for CJK character support
  • Fixes for workspace and palette customization

Known incompatibilities

  • This update is fully compatible with macOS versions from 10.12 up to 10.14. Unfortunately, supporting older versions becomes harder day by day. We have stopped supporting versions previous to 10.12 for now. We look forward to supporting older versions in the future (it could happen due to the release of Qt 5.9.8 in Q1 2019).

Further reading


Would it be possible for beta testers to get more information on:
-Significant autoplace improvements to follow standard engraving practice
-Further improvements in import of scores from MuseScore 2
-Better support for AZERTY keyboards
That would allow us to test these enhancements.

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Best way in general to get more info is to follow the links in the release notes to the issue reports - there is often good discussion there, and also then follow the link to the pull request (aka "PR") that implements the changes, where there is often additional discussion.

To answer those specific questions:

1) Lots of little things were done to improve autoplace, but the big one was changing the order in which elements are laid out. So for example, tempo is now one of the highest things above the staff instead of buried amongst other markings. As per issue #279391: Text will not go underneath volta, the order from closest to staff to furthest away is now:

Spanner w/o slur, ottava, pedal, volta
Fermata, Tremolobar
Harmony if no Fret Diagram in system
StaffText, InstrumentChange
Jump, Marker
Fret Diagram
Harmony if Fret Diagram in system

2) Here it's also many little things, best to look at the list of fixed issues in the release notes to see for yourself. Basically, anything issue that says 2/x or 2.3.2 or some such in the description, particular in the layout section of the release notes:…. You'll see things about preserving above/below staff positioning, shape of frames, collisions of elements, handling of system text, rendering of chord symbols, and more.

3) The issue for that is one you submitted yourself, so you should have already received all the comments on it. Bottom line of the PR is "Added azerty top-row friendly versions of Modifier+Number shortcuts".

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