MuseScore 3.0 Beta Update Release

• Dec 7, 2018 - 18:03

Today we are pleased to announce the release of MuseScore 3 Beta Update, the third in our series of beta releases. Thanks to the fantastic feedback from users and their assistance in filing bug reports, we have maintained an incredible pace and have fixed over 100 issues since the first beta release last week! Most notably, this update should be much more stable and experience fewer crashes, plus scores imported from 2.3.2 or previous versions will work much better. So even though there is still work to do before the official release of MuseScore 3, this beta update will give you a good picture of what you can expect.

Download MuseScore 3.0 Beta Update

Known incompatibilities

  • We fully supported MacOSX Mojave 10.14.X by migrating to the recent version of Qt (5.12). Unfortunately, Qt doesn't support MacOSX versions lower than 10.12. It means the MuseScore 3 Beta Update won't work on MacOSX <10.12. If you use MacOS version <10.12, you need to manually download the package and start using it. It will be fully supported with all updates and features, excepting bugs related to Qt framework itself.
    UPD: the update for old MacOS versions was released due to the fixed #278772: [MacOSX] Crashes randomly when go to do any menu item. All users of this package will receive the notifications from the autoupdater. The updated version is available on downloading page by the link mentioned above. It is known, that the package doesn't support MacOS 10.7 out of the box. We are investigating...

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I've loaded a V2 score into the current beta and have observed an odd behavior of the formating. The initial display is ok and only shows a slightly enhanced measure 20. When contracting the whole score everything gets compressed except measure 20 (s. picture). After decomressing (key '}' ) several times the whole score gets weird and that can't be undone. Is it an effect of the beta or of my score? The current version 2.3 does not behave this way.

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Not due to the 32bit architecture but due to restrictions in the Qt libraries we use. And with Qt 5.12 these roadblocks have been removed. There are still some architectural limitations left though, so you won't be able to load really large soundfonts. But as far as I can see this will be the only restiction.
The only known reasons for using the (unsupported) 64bit versions of 2.x for Windows where the use of large souzndfonts and the ability to use some MIDI keyboard that doesn't support 32bit. So the opposite would be true for a 32bit 3.0 version of MuseScore (with the addition of wanting to run on a 32bit Windows)

A word of warning: when using the Beta on your 2.x scores, make sure to not delete or overwrite those!
MuseScore 3 does try to prevent that, but if you deliberately do this and ignore the warning about overwriting an existing file, it'll do it... You've been warned.

Is there a reason why the Betas are not versioned? The latest is referred to as “the third in our series of beta releases”, but not Beta 3, or referenced using the release date (7 December), and with a somewhat confusing URL of (not ...beta3, what seems to be the artefact of zero-based number of the betas). Would it not make sense to refer to it as Beta 3 and align the URL (for the next beta, not recommending changing it now, unless you can redirect)? Beta versioning will also make it easier to report when asking for help on the forum.

Also, will the "Known Incompatibilities" section as part of the pre-update pop-up for macOS users? IMHO that is as important to am existing MuseScore 3.0 Beta Mac user on 10.17-10.11 as the bugs fixed.

Why this matters: I tried updating before the 10.7-10.11 version was linked to on the Beta Update announcement page, and without seeing the “Known Incompatibilities” section on the announcement (if it was even there before my update attempt), I ended up using the in-app update mechanism, which downloaded the 10.12+ version, crashed halfway during the update, making the previous installed Beta inoperable. Manually downloading the 10.7 version and overwriting the install fixed it for me.

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There was a Beta 1 and a few days later a small update to it (3 additional fixes), I'd call it Beta 1b. Now the update is Beta 2.
They are all versioned by means of a git commit SHA (unique across all releases and platforms) and also by a build number (plattform specific, used for/by the auto updater)
The split for macOS happened after the release of Beta 2, as sort of an emergency fix to not exclude older Macs, which was an unforeseen consequence of the change to Qt 5.12

I have not been all that active with the new beta, but has there been a new fix for the awkward proportions and small icons when connected to an external monitor? MuseScore 2 had a work around by playing with the -D value. When I changed that value, so much more changed than just those icons.

Below I have the image of when I first opened the application without changing anything. The second image is after I changed the -D value to 50 and opened up the mixer.

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The problem is that every system is different - not just each OS, but almost every individual system (eg, even on same version of Windows, Dell computers use different system settings than HP, and different monitors have different drivers, etc). If the system reports the display resolution to us accurately, things are good. if not, things are off. Since MuseScore 3 uses different Qt libraries than MuseScore 2, and there are code changes too, I can't say how your particular system will respond - you'll have to download and see for yourself. But note -D is only one of the tools available to work around the cases where the resolution is reported wrong. There is also the -x option, and Qt supports environment variables to control some of this as well.

I can't quite tell what your mixer image is showing. Is this too big on your monitor? Looks the right size on mine, but maybe mine is smaller.

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