Font for Swiss Drumming

• 8. Dez 2023 - 08:10

The Swiss "Rudimental Drumming" scene, particularly active in Basel due to the unique Basler Fasnacht, maintains a vibrant community throughout the year. The Swiss drumming scene operates under the STPV, the Swiss Drummers' and Pipers' Association, which aims to support new and young individuals in their roles as composers or instructors within their associations.

Looking ahead, there's a desire to enhance the Swiss drumming experience by integrating the Trommelfont into MuseScore. This font, currently intricate to use in Word, could potentially bring a significant advancement, especially if combined with audio files. This integration would facilitate the utilization of this font for composers immensly! The challenge lies in determining the keyboard layout for these characters, a task already underway with discussions on streamlining the process. The ultimate goal is to make this font accessible in MuseScore, enhancing the Swiss drumming experience. I appreciate your insights and any assistance in making this integration possible.

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