Musescore 4 - Lots of bugs

• 28. Dez 2022 - 17:39
  • visual keyboard doesn't work (no notes are displayed when playing)
  • create new workspace and then press "cancel" -> ms4 crash (corrupting the file)
  • create new workspace UI labels for checkboxes on the right side in german are capped (unreadable)
  • opening of files from cloud in musescore crashes after saving

All in all -> far too little testing. If I can find 4 bugs in less then 10mins of trying then you're just not ready for a release. Furthermore version 4.0.0 is not listed in bug tracker yet. And intuitive options like modifying playing speed from dj panel not possible anymore (people already started complaining about this). It looks like you're big overhaul needs another overhaul as people don't like the new of working with UI either. But first please fix the bugs. The program is so unstable it's really not funny and implement a crash report function. It's far too cumbersome to report all this bugs in bug tracker.


Sorry to hear you are having trouble! But please, open separate issues for separate bugs, and be sure to include your score and precise steps to reproduce the problem. Saving doesn’t crash normally, nor does creating a workspace, so in ode for anyone to investigate, they would need to be able to reproduce the problem by following the same steps with the same score.

The keyboard, btw, works as designed for entering notes - it’s primary purpose. But it’s pressure know that it doesn’t yet support the secondary feature of also showing notes during playback. So no need to open a new issue about that.

Also, the tempo slider has simply been moved, now you acc as it by undocking the play toolbar.

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