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• Oct 29, 2018 - 08:01

In the previous correu your answer to my questions were this:
1) Add a section break from the Breaks & Spacers palette eat the end of the first, then optionally add a vertical frame from the Frames & Measures palette to add a new title etc.
2) Add the empty measure normally then press "M" to enable multimeasure rests. Note you don't normally need to do this manually if you are working from a full score - multimeasure rests are already enabled for all parts. You on;y need to do this if for some reason you are entering only a single part without the rest of the score.
The first point i did not get it, I do not do it. Do you think can help me anymore?
In addition I want to reduce the space between the lines of the staft and not do it. Can you also help me in this topic?
Thank you so much


In order for us to understand and assist better, it helps if you attach your score and describe in more detail what you are trying to do. In this case, it would help if you explained which part of the answer you received you had trouble understanding. Are you not sure how to add four empty measure at the beginning of you score?
Select the first measure, go to Add / Measure / Insert Measures. Also, when asking for further help on a question you already asked, it is best to simply reply to that rather than start a new thread. Then all the information is in one place.

To reduce space between the line of the staff - to make the staff smaller, go to Layout / Page Settings and reduce "Staff space". Or, to reduce space between staves, go to Style / General / Page and use either "Staff distance, "Grand staff distance", or "Minumum system distance" depending on whether the staves are for the same instrument, different instruments in one system, or different systems.

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